Trash bag patterns

2 patterns! (Both corset and boxer trash bag patterns included)


The Corset Trash Bag is washable and has a vinyl lining. The trash bag measures 9 inches wide by 11.5 inches long. The Boxer Shorts Trash Bag is washable and has a vinyl lining. It measures 11 inches wide by 9 inches long.

Examples for Men's Boxer Shorts:

MANLY - Cotton or poly silk. Use stripes, paisley or solids.

BOYISH - Flannel or cotton print. Try animal prints (such as cows) or character prints (Looney Tunes).

Corset trash bag is 11 ½ inches long and 9 in wide. 
The boxer shorts trash bag is 9 inches long and 11 inches wide.

Use your imagination with trim and colors... you can have any style that fits your personality or the people you are making it for!

Great gifts for... Birthdays, Christmas, Bachelorette Parties, New Auto/Truck Purchases, etc.
Men will enjoy the sexy ladies corset bags. Women go crazy over men's cute boxer shorts Wall decorations

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